Format:Kindle Edition
This is an undeniably insightful and enlightening read. Using the strategies he learned from the Chinese General Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, Michael Cheung applies this knowledge to our modern economy. This does not have the dry, didactic tone of many books on the economy, nor the patronizingly simple get-rich-quick ideas of other money-making books. Instead it is a clear and concise explanation of how to succeed and what pitfalls to avoid.

The opening pages alone demonstrate the perfect mind-set for anyone looking to make more out of the skills that they have. Although this is a short book, Cheung somehow manages to cover all bases, from avoiding exhaustion and depression to knowing how and when to tackle your competitor. He makes it clear that if you want to succeed in the world of money then you will have to make sacrifices, supporting the future rather than funding present whims. He emphasises that the best results come from a project that you can commit to with your head and your heart, showing that a passion is only worthwhile if you can find a niche or demand for it.

While reading this book I found myself considering my own situation, how I could improve it and where I want it to ultimately lead. Cheung’s writing is effective in both creating understanding and inspiration. Each strategy is clarified with a real life example, ensuring that the reader is not left behind or unclear on any point. A good non-fiction writer is not someone who merely teaches a lesson, it is someone who demonstrates their point of view and makes you apply it to your own life, allowing you to reap the rewards. Cheung has certainly done this and I would recommend The Art of Making Money to anyone who is thinking about starting a new venture, feeling unfulfilled in their current situation or simply looking for more ways to succeed.

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